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A very traditional bakery

Amalia Bakery Home is a real industrial dream, started more than 50 years ago and finally come true.

It’s the proof that hard work, dedication and passion can make you reach every goal.

In 1962 Amalia, self-made woman established with his husband a small artisan company, acquiring and paying in installments a lathe. The company after more than fifty years is now a successful industrial group.

Amalia Bakery Home is the dedication and the gratitude of the founders to this successful history.

Amalia Bakery Home, with its organized team and a totally managerial approach, represent everybody’s home as a family and illustrate the excellence of Italian cooking thanks to its fresh and daily products, such as pastry and cooking, pizza and the excellent variety of coffee products. Last but not least its welcome with its rooms and studios furnished in a contemporary style.

Works On Amalia

Works On Amalia

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